Giulia is the name of our grandmother and when we thought about this new bottle, we remembered her tastes. This is the type of oil she liked: sweet, gentle but always with personality” — Davide and Marco Ferretti

From a family tradition
comes an oil to love.


Giulia is born with the idea of evolving and balancing the flavor notes of DAMA. Like in a luxury perfume, the qualities of bitterness and spiciness unfold in the mouth with delicacy, fading after the first intense moments to make room on the taste buds for the freshness of new oil.

Like a luxury perfume
its flavors express themselves
in a continuous evolution.


An Extra-Virgin Olive oil with fresh and herbaceous notes that melt on the palate to provide a unique experience. Giulia is the ideal choice for those seeking an oil rich in nuances that can enhance the taste of any dish.

Discover the authentic flavor of our oil