From past to present, the Ferretti family.


A family of farmers for four generations: the Ferrettis have always produced an excellent oil for their family. Today they want to let everyone taste it.

“Harvesting, the most beautiful day of the year, when the whole family gathers to ensure that at the table there is always that delicate and so precious seasoning”.

A childhood memory, a tradition that Pasquale Ferretti has carried on with his family over the years, then realizing his childhood dream: to create a farm and take care of their land, their olive trees.

Now that the dream comes true, every day he transmits this passion to his children, who just like him, feel a strong bond with the family and with their roots.

For each new generation, a new harvesting method.


It was the early years of the twentieth century when Pasquale Ferretti (the great-grandfather) collected the olives with the method of beating: the branches of the olive trees were hit with sticks to make the fruits fall into the nets at the foot of the trees.

Serafino Ferretti (the grandfather) instead collected the olives by hand, directly from the branches: the so-called “brucatura”.

It was then the turn of Pasquale Ferretti (the father), who introduced combing: the olives were harvested using tools similar to combs, which passing through the branches facilitated their fall into the underlying nets.

Today Davide and Marco Ferretti have instead switched to a mechanized method: the use of ‘straddle machines’ makes it possible to speed up the process and arrive at the mill with even fresher olives from the harvest.

Do you want to take a walk among the olive groves with us?